Press Release

Care clix

Oct, 2017 / Ann Arbor, MI & Tysons, VA

Isabel Healthcare, Inc. Partners with CareClix / MySpecialistMD to Integrate the CareClix / MySpecialistMD Telemedicine Service in the Isabel Symptom Checker

Isabel Healthcare is the only consumer tool that allows input with free text natural language (not forcing the user to a pick list of symptoms, a cumbersome avatar or to answer 25 to 35 questions). Each diagnosis provided is also linked to consumer level medical information, providing the user with up to date, and...


Question doctors

Oct, 2017 / AnnArbor, MI & Laval Quebec, Canada

Isabel Healthcare,Inc. Partners with to Integrate the Isabel Symptom Checker within the Medical Platform.

Isabel Healthcare and announced today their partnership to make the Isabel Symptom Checker available to all users of their crowdsourced network of physician services. The Isabel Symptom Checker is uniquely positioned for the telemedicine/telehealth space as it is medically validated and...



Sep, 2017 / Ann Arbor, MI

Isabel Healthcare Announces the Latest Version of Its Unique Machine Learning Based Symptom Checker

Isabel Healthcare announced it has released the latest version of its machine learning based Symptom Checker tool. Healthcare organizations and plans have turned to the Isabel Symptom Checker (IsabelSC) to help their patients answer basic questions as part of their patient engagement strategies: I am sick; where should I go...



Feb, 2016 / Ann Arbor ,MI

Isabel Healthcare Announces the Addition of Powerful New Triage Functionality to its Symptom Checker

Isabel Healthcare announced it has added unique triage functionality to its Isabel Symptom Checker. Consumers have flocked to the Isabel Symptom Checker since its release in 2012 as they have become more engaged in their healthcare decisions. The addition of the triage tool will further assist a consumer with...


Get real health

Feb, 2016 / Rockville, Maryland

Get Real Health Teams with Isabel Healthcare to Enhance Clinicians’ Diagnostic Power

In a move to further enhance its InstantPHR® patient engagement platform, and better serve clients and their patients, Get Real Health has partnered with Isabel Healthcare to make the Isabel Symptom Checker available as an additional option for InstantPHR users. “With the important information providers can obtain from...



Sep, 2014 / Ann Arbor, MI

Dr Google No Longer Top Doc - Isabel Symptom Checker Powers Tool in Popular Health Website

As of 22nd September,, the UK’s leading independent health information site, has launched a new diagnostic tool on their website for patients called Isabel Symptom Checker. Using state of the art technology, its aim is to provide patients with a reliable research tool when looking online for information...



Oct 2012 / London, UK

Almost a third of people (online) registered with GP first seek health advice on the web rather than from their GP when experiencing medical symptoms

Almost a third (30%) of people (online) registered with a GP search on the web first to check out their medical symptoms rather than seek health advice from their GP.1 This is according to new online research revealed today by Isabel Healthcare, the founders of the new Isabel Symptom Checker - a credible support...