Isabel - The Symptom Checker doctors use and trust

Developed, refined and tested over 20 years using Artificial Intelligence technologies, Isabel is the most capable and sophisticated symptom checker available.

Why use Isabel?
Why use Isabel?

Why should you use Isabel?

1. Our symptom checker is quick and easy to use - enter as many symptoms as you like without the endless questions.

2. Use the one the doctors use. The Isabel professional tool has been used in leading hospitals worldwide since 2001.

3. The Isabel Symptom Checker is recognised worldwide for its accuracy covering both common and rare conditions.

Is your organization looking for a symptom checker or self-triage tool as part of your digital strategy?

Isabel self-triage is the most accurate and efficient tool available to drive patient acquisition and conversion. Isabel provides a comprehensive JSON API to allow complete white-label integration into all of your channels and workflows, providing a consistent user experience.

Isabel also offers customized solutions based on the Isabel user experience which can be implemented in days and provide an immediate return on investment.

Discover more through the Isabel Developer’s Program.


Dr Max prescribes... Isabel Online Symptom Checker

“……….This free symptom checker uses Artificial Intelligence and is based on one favoured by doctors. It's simple to use, allows you to key in symptoms or worries ………. with advice on where to go next and when to get urgent help.”

- Daily Mail, Saturday, September 28th, 2019

Daily mail

Are you a looking for a tool to help clinicians with clinical reasoning?

You need the professional Isabel DDx Generator. Used by leading hospitals worldwide to enhance their clinicians’ clinical reasoning skills.

Why use Isabel?

What makes Isabel so unique?

Unlike any other symptom checker, Isabel is unique in being able to handle even large and complex medical presentations using multiple AI and enhanced machine learning algorithms while remaining quick and easy to use.

It’s been crafted, tuned, tested and used by doctors around the world for almost 20 years.