What patients think about the Isabel Symptom Checker

This is a selection of recent feedback left by patients using the symptom checker to give you an idea of how it’s being used.

“Very easy to use. Good that we can type in our own words how we feel. Will use again.”

“Wonderful, easy to use site. Thank you for making it so ‘user friendly’.”

“I have been dealing with these symptoms for months. I get different opinions from 4 different doctors, each one different from the other. This finally gives me a new direction to follow.”

“Very appreciative of this symptom tracker at a time when my mind is racing and my body isn't well. I believe it helped me to think more clearly about my situation.”

“Excellent response has clarified my thoughts and stopped me from panicking”

“Thank you this has actually been way more helpful than other websites. I will definitely revisit when needed.”

“Good. I felt relieved because I thought I was overreacting. I see now I need to go back to doctor. Thank you.”

“I didn't know this tool existed. Thank you for the comfort and sense of direction instead of just leaving someone in the dark to ponder the worst.”

“I am a RN and I think this is the best symptom checker I have seen or used Thank you”

“Thank you for the service you provided. It has given me a lot more information to talk about with my doctor.”

“This is a good tool, forces you to be honest and confirmed what I didn’t want to do, but know I have to! Thank you”

“Best symptom checker I've used. Nice that you can put all of your symptoms in.”

“Very good tool to use and very informative and easy to understand”

“I like Isabel's symptom checker! Less razzle dazzle than others and much more empowering and grounded... Helpful”

“I think this is a wonderful tool, it also gives you an insight to other things you might not have thought of yourself, thank you so much WONDERFUL APP!!”

“You are my new favorite online health tool.”

“Great advice and saw Dr prior to using symptom checker. Blood tests are underway and was just seeking extra advice for peace of mind. Great little tool full of information. Thank you”

“This is a great tool! Just totally love it.”

“First time using this site and it is very helpful. Thank you”

“I think your symptom checker is the best thing since sliced bread, I appreciate the ease in use.”

“Very helpful in making decision of where to visit”

“Simple, fast, easy, and informative”

“Thank you! This is an excellent service. It didn't tell me what it was but instead, basically told me what to do about it. Thank you very much.”

“I am impressed with this page. I like that you put your symptoms in instead of only giving the person one area to choose from. This allows you to give your own symptoms which can be in several parts of the body not just stomach, back, arm etc. It is a better all the way around. Thank you for your help. I have various symptoms that involve several areas of my body and it gave me an answer that I kind of figured was the problem. Thanks again”