Isabel: Where to get care

The ‘Where to get care ' virtual triage tool is designed to help you decide where you should seek care based on your symptoms. The results are displayed on a bar with a gradient to indicate the seriousness of your symptoms and the appropriate place to seek care.


Using the virtual triage tool

Simply try your best to describe the symptoms that are affecting you and enter them into the virtual triage tool along with your age and gender. You can describe your symptoms in your own words or select symptoms from Isabel’s list.

Isabel Story

Where to get care?

Answer carefully the seven questions about your symptoms. These are questions any doctor would routinely ask you during your examination.

Isabel Story

Get results

The virtual triage tool will then combine the Symptom Checker results and your answers to the questions to calculate the score on the gradient bar, to help you decide where to seek care either via telemedicine, family physician, urgent care or from the emergency services. This feature is a suggestion of where you should seek care but should not be relied on over and above your own instinct and judgement. If you wish to view possible conditions associated with your symptoms, then go to possible causes.

Where to get care?

I have been able to narrow down possible causes for my symptoms, and the meter seems to match my thoughts on urgency level. Nice tool without trying to diagnose. It points to two possibilities I felt were the issue. Now for the Dr.'s office.

- United States, 2018