Where now? - The Isabel triage

Where to now? - The Isabel triage tool

Once you have used Isabel Symptom Checker and created a list of possible conditions, you may decide you need to see a doctor. There are many different settings in which you can receive care, from your local Walk-in Clinic or Family Doctor, to the Emergency Department(ED), and deciding which option is the most appropriate for your needs can be difficult. Ending up in an extremely busy ED for something that could have been treated much more quickly and cost effectively at your local Walk-in Clinic is frustrating and a waste of valuable time for both you and the doctors. 'Where to now?' is a triage tool designed to help you decide where you should seek care next. The results are displayed on a dial with a gradient to indicate the seriousness of your illness and the appropriate place to seek care for your symptoms.


Using the triage tool


Enter your symptoms into the Isabel Symptom Checker to return a list of possible conditions. Next, click the 'Need care? Where to now' button under the conditions and answer carefully the seven questions about your symptoms. These are questions a doctor would routinely ask you during your examination, such as how long you've had your symptoms and how much pain you're in.

Viewing the results

The triage tool will then combine the Symptom Checker results and the answers to your questions to calculate the score you'll see displayed on the dial, giving you an idea of where to seek care. This feature is a suggestion of where you should go now but should not be relied on over and above your own instinct and judgement.