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Patient Stories

In this section we include both your own stories plus cases reported in the press where we believe the use of Isabel could have helped. The stories will always have the same format that is to start with the background and initial symptoms then examine when and how Isabel either did or could have helped.

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Aimee Copeland - a case of necrotizing fasciitis, where speed is essential

Unusual behavior in a 5 year old

mom checking symptoms

16 year old with Fever and Ulcers - Steven-Johnson Syndrome

In December 2014, one morning, my 16 year old son woke up with blisters in his mouth and throat. I took him to the emergency room, where the doctor diagnosed him with mouth ulcers. The next day the mouth ulcers had spread to his genital area. By this time, I knew it wasn't just mouth ulcers that my son had. I came to the Isabel Symptom Checker and put in all of his symptoms. One of the possibilities was Steven-Johnson Syndrome. I then researched Steven-Johnson Syndrome and realized that he was most likely having an allergic reaction to the Children's Motrin he had been taking. After seeing the images online, I knew that is what he had. I rushed him back to the emergency room, and this time he was admitted. By day three, his vision started to get blurry, and his temperature was rising to 102.9 every two hours. If is wasn't for the Isabel Symptom Checker, I know without a doubt the hospital would have alternated between Tylenol and Motrin for the fever. I truly feel this website saved my son's life, and I just wanted to say thank you so much. My son spent eight days in the hospital. He made a full recovery, and his vision went back to normal after about a month.

Amy S - USA, United States

16 April 2015