about isabel

about isabel

The Isabel Healthcare Mission

Isabel Healthcare’s mission is to improve the speed and appropriateness of patient care across the world by providing clinicians and patients with practical computer aids to help with diagnosis.


Isabel Healthcare was established originally in 2000 as The Isabel Medical Charity (UK registration no: 10803423) to develop a computer based diagnostic system covering children after the Founders daughter, Isabel, suffered a near fatal misdiagnosis. It became a for profit company in 2004 in order to develop and market a system that would cover all age groups and all diseases. Today, the original founding charity remains one of the company’s largest shareholders.

Isabel Healthcare is the leader in the provision of computer based diagnostic aids. The company is best known for Isabel, its web based Diagnosis Checklist System used by healthcare professionals mainly in the USA and UK and designed to help them when they have diagnostic doubt about a patient or need reassurance.

The system has undergone a rigorous validation process and over 30 articles have appeared in prestigious medical journals. It was one of only 3 systems to receive scores of over 90% in an industry survey carried out by KLAS, a leading US rating agency for healthcare IT systems.

With the many changes in healthcare and technology that have taken place since 2000, the company decided, in 2012, that the time had come to make a version of its system available to patients as a symptom checker. A grant from the Isabel Medical Charity has made it possible for the company to make the symptom checker available free for use by individuals around the world for a limited amount of time. We hope that other grants and donations to the charity will enable us to make it available free for the long term. If you would like to make a donation to the Isabel Medical Charity then please click here.

Why it all started-Isabel’s story

During the summer of 1999, three-year-old Isabel Maude was diagnosed with chicken pox, a common childhood illness. Days after the initial diagnosis Isabel’s illness took a strange turn that would lead to days of uncertainty, panic, frustration and near-death.

Isabel Maude in Intensive Care

Chicken pox is an expected and even anticipated illness for children. When Isabel developed the typical signs and symptoms of chicken pox, her parents, Jason and Charlotte Maude, were told to expect itching and general discomfort ─ relatively minor side effects that would subside after a short duration. A few days into the illness Isabel developed a high fever, vomiting, diarrhea, and severe pain and discoloration of the chicken pox rash. Follow-up visits to the family physician and emergency room (ER) reassured Jason and Charlotte that Isabel’s suffering was normal and nothing to worry about. Like most parents, Jason and Charlotte trusted the family and ER physicians’ opinions and went home breathing a sigh of relief and awaiting improvement. But, things didn’t improve; Isabel’s condition worsened.

Concerned that Isabel’s condition was critical her parents took her back to the ER. Minutes after arriving, Isabel’s blood pressure dropped dramatically and she required emergency resuscitation. Suddenly, it seemed clear that what Isabel had been suffering from was not just chicken pox but a secondary life threatening infection. Isabel was moved under police escort to the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU) at St. Mary’s Hospital in Paddington, London.